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Post  corenth on Sat Jul 16, 2011 10:30 pm

Name: Alex Tren
Nickname: Alex
Alias: Shadow
Home world: naboo


Age: 23
Gender: male
Species: human

Eyes color: forest green
Hair color: golden brown
Facial features: 3 claw marks on his face
Skin tone: tan

Height: 6ft 5in.
Weight: 215lbs
Build: very muscular

Tattoos: none
Body art: none
Scars: 4 on his front torso, 8 on his back
Piercings: none

Alex Tren - Master Assassin. Assassins-creed-brotherhood-20100614064141263
Clothes: wears black clothes with red trim and a hood.

Personal Details

Personality: Can get angered if pushed hard enough. When he's around people he cares about, he's softhearted, kind, gentle, etc. In battle he will fight till no other being trying to kill him is left standed.

Force Sensitive: yes

Alliance: neutral
Guild/Group: hutt syndicate of mos kreetle
Rank: Assassin/Body guard/Business partner

Strengths: assassin professional, agility, flexibility
Weakness/Flaws: friends, family, loved ones

Other Information: martial artist(naboo 6 dragons), loves music, meditating, working with technology

Languages: basic, Ryl, Zabrak, rodian, huttese, mando'a



Alex was born on Naboo to the family of a fighter squadron captain. His parents sent him to school when he was old enough. He enjoyed learning. His parents taught him right from wrong, honor, courage, kindness, how to help others, etc. By the time he was 10, he found himself to be tremendously flexible. While on a walk through the streets of Theed, he ran into some bullies. He didnt know how to defend himself, but he did his best. A cloaked stranger saw the fight and saw the potential within Alex. He helped Alex fend off the bullies before taking him back to his parents. Upon arrival, the stranger spoke for hours with Alex's parents. talking about a special school for young and gifted people. After listening and reading a pamphlet about the place, his parents agreed to it and Alex was taken to a secret location the following morning.


He found himself in a martial arts training facility. The stranger from before showed himself to be one of the headmasters. After getting his room assignment and meeting new people, Alex went to his first class. He learned all he could in the classes, and there were even language courses he could take, which he did. He focused hard on his training, and was eventually chosen out of many students to train under one of the best masters in the entire academy, Master John. People there said he was second best, but really, he was the best. Strong fighter, and a wise teacher. He trained Alex in everything. Staff combat, sword combat, and how to throw a knife properly. Eventually throwing knifes became second nature to him.

John pushed him hard, making him exercise and stretch to enhance his physical self. He trained him in Naboo martial arts, and a little in basic Echani style. Training his mind to study and know where he will be attacked from and how to counter-act it quickly. Balance was a key aspect to martial arts. For without it, a fighter could be defeated a little easier. Since he was young when he first started he had an advantage to learn and memorize quickly.

They would practice every morning, John testing Alex's memory of attacks, defenses, parries and counters. When he had gained a proper focus in his combat skills, John began teaching how to use swords, staffs and throwing knives. Teaching how to properly hold the weapon in his hands, how to feel the merge between the weapon and the body. At first they sparred with wooden swords, that way Alex could learn weapons capabilities first before wielding a real blade. His bo staff training was not much different. The staff allowed more defensive and offensive skill. The trick with the staff was learning to balance the weight in his hands and maneuver it around his body.

His stealth training was much more difficult. He had to learn to blend in with people, the shadows, everything that would be considered his surroundings. He had to focus his mind so that when he walked in the shadows, he made no noise, which wasn't easy. The slightest noise would set off an alarm in the course. He practiced every afternoon trying to sneak up on John, he got lucky once in a while. His interrogation training was simple. Use of threats was their key to the information. Threaten to take away something and they'll divulge all information needed. When he turned 16 John gave him a gift. A gaunlet with the symbol of the brotherhood on it. On the bottom was a odd chunk of metal. John instructed him how to use it, and from the instructions, found it to be what was called a 'Hidden Blade'.

This was the main weapon of the Brotherhood. The blade, when using the right physical motion, would project out of the bottom of the gauntlet and retract when necessary. Five months before his next birthday, John gave him his first set of real weapons. a sword bearing a dragon on it, a curved short blade that appeared to be completely silver in color, a collapsible staff for light travel, and a pouch filled with 2 smoke grenades, for quick escapes from enemies. His training was nearly complete, all he had left to do was successfully kill a given target.

He had a crush on a girl student. [color=#090](if anyone wants to you can rp her, and you'll need to come up with your own name for her) during his time there. He wouldn't speak up about it though. They became good friends. There were those in the academy who didn't like the way things were run, so they left. When alex was 17, the academy was attacked by the rogues. They turned traitor on their masters and fellow students. dozens were killed, including all of the rogue students.

Many masters were killed, even John. Alex fought bravely alongside the loyal students and masters. Sadly the one he crushed on he couldn't find anywhere. The assault led to Alex completing his training where he was granted a second hidden blade. 2 days after the battle, the masters decided to spread out those still alive. Alex was assigned to tatooine.


When he arrived he was taken to the local Hutt of Mos Kreetle. Doing all kinds of jobs for the Hutt got him excellent pay, and got him on the Hutts goodside. If you were on the Hutts goodside, you're sure to get a better pay than the others, but if your not, you get the idea. He's worked for the Hutt ever since, not proudly by the way. He waits for the day when he'll be able to stop working for the hutt and also waits to meet that one special girl. He is currently 22 years old and works as the hutts top mechanic, assassin, guard, and business assistant, and he has limited knowledge of his force sensitivity.

Items: Comlink, datapad

Force Powers: Jump: 3(Assassin training aswell as being force sensitive)
Speed: 1(Assassin sprint, run twice as fast as a normal human, also fsness)
Sense: 1(Firebird Vision - determines friend from foe, also fsness)
Attack: 3
defense: 2

Weapons: collapsible bo staff, dagger, sword, dual hidden blades with poison weapon attachments, shurikens(15), Flashbangs(5), DL-44 Pistol, sniper rifle(disruptor no charge).

Ship: none

Vehicle: Modified Cargo ship(ebon hawk model) - Golden Wing
Alex Tren - Master Assassin. EbonhawkSW

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As I have already told Firewolf, I will NOT do the 2 admin approval thing to approve a biography until we get around 20 members. Oh, and I approve of this biography. Moving to Approved.


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