Serena (The Insane Anzat/The Last Anzat)

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Serena (The Insane Anzat/The Last Anzat) Empty Serena (The Insane Anzat/The Last Anzat)

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Also Known As:
The ongoing Insanity of the Anzat(Sith)/The Ongoing Blizzard(Grey Jedi)/The Lost Anzat(Jedi)
Home world:


Serena Jedi Representative Robes
Serena (The Insane Anzat/The Last Anzat) Jedi_Exile_2____WIP_by_JosephB222

Serena Sith Representative Robes (Mask on)
Serena (The Insane Anzat/The Last Anzat) Darthrevan

Serena Sith Representative Robes (Mask Off)
Serena (The Insane Anzat/The Last Anzat) Darth_Revan_by_Tachikoma_X

Serena Nightsister Master
Serena (The Insane Anzat/The Last Anzat) Attachment


Unknown is believed to be thousands of years old (looks 19 from force aging)
Eyes color:
Blue (Go red when shes hungry or about to attack)
Hair color:
Skin tone:
Caucassion (goes pale when she is hungry)


Force Sensitive:

[Force alignment]
Light Force Enlightenment



[0] <-----


Dark Force Submission

. Basic
. Anzatti


. Red Lightsaber
. Sith Robes
. 1,000 Credits

. Red Lightsaber


Force Stats:
Jump: 3
Push: 2
Pull: 2
Speed: 2
Sense: 3
Drain: 3 (For feeding)
Grip: 2
Lightning: 2
Rage: 2 (For when she gets hungry to attack others vicously)

Saber Stats:
Attack: 2
Defense: 2

Other Force Powers
Force Whirlwind
Force Sever
Force Supression
Force Destroy Droid
Force Stasis
Force Aura
Force Revive
Battle Meditation
Alter Enviroment
Alter Strength
Force Phantom
Animal Friendship



Born into war...

Music for this Chapter:

It was a dark time after the Mandolorian wars everyone was joyous to think peace had came but everyone was ignorant to the dark fact of the Sith Rising and destroying Remnants of the Republic as Revan and Darth Malek had started to cripple the Republic more in search for the Star Forge to obliterate the Republic completly so they could rule the galaxy. However as everyone nows the tale of Revan and Malek, Revan had defeated his former Dark Apprentice once he was redeemed thanks to the help of the jedi. However little did Revan remeber of one of his planets he conquered was that of the Homeworld of the Anzat he had sent 3 of his Generals to raid the planet out of those 3 only one of them stood out more as a leader he had a hate for Anzats seeing his family had died to one he wanted to do whatever it took to destroy a whole planet of Anzat's. Little did that General now that one Anzat would stand in his way this Anzat was only 15... put into Guerilla warfare were she was trained intensly for this battle her whole life ever since the Mandolorian war had ended she was made one of the youngest Anzat Colonels at the time leading a squad of 3.

The end of the Anzatti Homeworld

Music for this chapter:

2 Sith Battle Cruisers were in space as there were some Anzatti ships in space trying to fight back against the fighters and battle cruisers but it was almost pointless and useless as they kept sending bombing runs against them to the point were it came to using there most sacred weapon. Serena's father at this time was one of the Anzatti war Generals he had given Serena the activation code and said to her "Were almost all whiped out... I need you to activate the Vero(Top secret name for Homeworld Destruction) Device... we cant let them get down here to get all our files and information and enslave us" Serena blinked looking at the card key device she begged to her own father saying "Please... I dont want to do this... I dont want to be the reason you and everyone else will be gone please dont make me do this!!" her father grabbed a hold of her and said "Snap out of it Serena! You have to do this... thats an order do you understand!! your mother is gone, your younger sisters and brothers are gone... lead your squad out of here and just watch our planet burn do it now!". Serena only teared up more as she picked up her Carbine running with her 2 other team mates. At the same time they were running they were being fired down on by Sith Fighters they both took down her squad except for her, she was able to secretly make it to her cloaked ship and bring it into space. As she flew further into space she hailed the Sith Battle cruiser she spoke to the General the one that hated Anzats saying "Sith Battle Fleet this is Colonel Serena, I am giving you now the chance to surrender before I activate the Vero Device..." the general laughed a little then replied back "The Vero Device is just a legend and a mere myth no such device lives on your planet young Anzat..." she put her hand down as she slipped the card key into the datapad activating it from the planet as she watched her world burn sending flares of destruction taking out the 2 Battle Cruisers. She flew her ship away as part of her rear got hit by the flares giving her ship some damaged as she went looping into space.... not only now was she the last Anzat of her planet... but now she was lost.

Serena (The Insane Anzat/The Last Anzat) NarShaddaaSkirmish

The Insanity begins...

Days went on as she tried repairing her ship with whatever scraps and leftovers she had finding it hard, she had enough food to last her almost a years worth and with the life support systems she could last almost a year with. However as the days went on with her lonlyness she started growing more and more insane many believed to the point where she was so alone she had seperate personalities of herself there was Serena (Herself the Kind Mentor), Violet (Lust, Passion and Love personality), Layla (Anger, Hate and Chaos personality), and lastly Sarah (Depression, Saddness and shy). She formed those split personalities of herself over the 200 hundred days she was stuck in the ship when her ship finnaly had enough power to fly to a close by planet of Korriban, the planet of the sith where she was taken in for sith Initiation forgetting about her past and how her own people had died.

The Begginning of her Sith Training

Music for this Chapter:

During this time in her life became the most darkest time of her life.... A time where she had allied herself to the sith for power as she believed having power would help her relieve the pain and suffering of her people. Her lust for power made her stronger to the point where even the sith council at the time had started to realize giving her more power was only worse, they started to limit her learning abilities but was unsuccessfull as there last resort was to allow there Rancor to kill her while she was in the arena.

Serena (The Insane Anzat/The Last Anzat) 5925975531369409

However what the Sith Council did not realize was her power of the force was so strong... she had completly given into the darkside and relied on it way to much when they came back to see if she was dead they only had found out she was able to tame the very huge Rancor and this was the begginning of her new dark path.

The Sith Lady Years

Music For this Chapter:

As the Sith Council feared her power there was only one in the Council that stood out against her power and followers, Lord Chaos The dark Lord of Chaos and destruction he had brought only Chaos and destruction to wherever he was seen on multiple worlds he had brought only Destruction to each Planet. He came to the Temple were Serena was only a Sith Master at the time telling her to serve under him. Of course Serena's lust for power she had denied his request as the 2 had went to war with there followers.

Serena (The Insane Anzat/The Last Anzat) Darth_Revan_vs_Darth_Nihilus_C_by_clarkspark

The long fight between the two Sith went on for a very long time till the time finnaly came where Serena had beheaded the Lord of Destruction. She returned to the temple with the Head of the Lord of Destruction as many bowed down to her as she took the Mantle of Dark Lady she was now known as Lady Mysterious, the reasoning for this was because the many more mysteries she had ready for the future.

The Sith Betrayal

Music for this Chapter:

As being one of the most powerfullest Sith Ladys of this Sith Era she was made a target to all Jedi, Republic and Even sith Forces both Force useres and Soldiers. During one of her battles however is where she was defeated by a team of Jedi's got aboard her flagship.

Serena (The Insane Anzat/The Last Anzat) Whirlwind

The Jedi did not try to kill her it was her own apprentice at the time Markis tried to do that to accomplish and take the mantle of Dark Lord she had her ship fire upon Serena's flagship.

Serena (The Insane Anzat/The Last Anzat) 60977652933793682

The team of Jedi were barely able to escape with Serena as they healed her almost dead self and repaired her mind whiping all traces of her dark path away from Serena, little did they not know this wouldnt last forever...


Music for this Chapter:

There Serena awakened seeing Jedi everywhere around her but the first that was to help her was Lilly Cortex. She was one of the Jedi padawans to one of the Council Members in the enclave she was to help Serena in her Jedi Initiation. She was later on in her training made an apprentice to Dorian Vertex A member of the Jedi Council that helped capture her. He taught her everything he knew feeling he had nothing to hide from her because that was how he believed the true master and apprentice bond should have worked.

Serena (The Insane Anzat/The Last Anzat) Satele-Shan-140x140

As Serena kept to her training and studies she later began to feel soemthing was wrong, at this time Lilly started to notice she was quiet most of the time. Lilly even began questioning her on how quiet shes been worried for her, all Serena ever answered was "I dont now... I just feel like a part of me is missing and everyone here is hidding it from me" this worried her master even more when Lilly reported it. The council even began thinking the memory whipe was fading away and failing on her.

Confrontation with an old apprentice

Music for this Chapter:

She was on Ziost investigating the planet with her master on wierd murders that had been happening. She travelled far into the forests alone as it got wetter, more trees were around, as well as fog but the most off of what she could sense was the darkside. She travelled far deeper into the forest to find that dark jedi knight as she found what appeared to be her old apprentice Markis he had now taken on the name and mantle of Darth Lacrox, he had been causing the hundreds of murders with him and his sith trying to take over Ziost. Darth Lacrox and her got into the fight as she realized more and more of who she used to be who she really was in her past. When suddenly she was force pushed into a tree with Darth Lacrox running into her old temple waiting to finish the confrontation there.

Serena (The Insane Anzat/The Last Anzat) 55742962262097030

It wasnt long before Serena had caught up and they had begun gain fighting in her own old destroyed sith temple fighting again. She went on fighting and fighting till she had finnaly stabbed it ending Lord Lacrox. Serena spoke out saying "h-how.... How could you betray your own master?" Lord Lacrox only spoke chuckling "You forget our ways Serena... you knew it was going to come... had I known you werent actually dead I would have stopped you and found you sooner before you were strong again" Serena frowned "T-then... I cant be a sith or Jedi not after nowing all this" she said as she got up walking off letting Darth Lacrox die in the temple wearing her old Sith Armour and robes but not with the intentions of coming back to the sith, she headed out to the galaxy looking... and searching for a balance in both sides.

Serena (The Insane Anzat/The Last Anzat) Shadows_and_Light

Balance of the Force

Music For this chapter:

Her time of balance came many years later... On the cold, wet planet of Dathomir in the far reaches of the Jungle she explored looking for the answer on how she could have a balance of both sides of the force it came to her. Talon the Nightsister leader had found her at first Serena felt threatened by her and so there first battle had begun...

Serena (The Insane Anzat/The Last Anzat) Star_Wars___Revan_vs_Jedi_by_MaxMade

It was only momentairly that Talon had defeated her pushing her to the ground. She looked to her in amazement some one had finnaly defeated her after a long time. Talon came with her as an offer for her to come and Join the nightsisters. Talon promised her she could find her balance of both sides of the force through the help of the nightsisters and with her help as well. Serena taking advantage of this moment agreed following her to her temple for further training.

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All Done! hope you enjoy Smile

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i approve of this =_=


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