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Name: Corenth Shendo
Nickname: Dragon's Fist
Alias: N/A
Home world: Naboo


Age: 17
Gender: male
Species: human

Eyes color: ocean blue
Hair color: Blonde
Facial features: Cut scar over his left eye, got it from a fight
Skin tone: tan

Height: 6ft 3in.
Weight: 210lbs
Build: very muscular for his age

Tattoos: N/A
Body art: N/A
Scars: left eye
Piercings: N/A

Corenth Shendo - Jedi Initiate 95824172-4

Personal Details

Items: comlink, datapad, strange long box containing family heirloom katana aswell as a hidden compartment - has yet to figure out how to open.

Force Powers: jump 1, sense 1, att 1, def 1

Personality: When he's in a fight: focused, determined, will not give up unless koed, he'll fight nonstop if he has to. When he's not in a fight: can be very kind, gentle, caring, soft hearted. Most of the time he's very polite, but tick him off and you'll regret picking a fight.

Force Sensitive: yes

Alliance: Republic/jedi
Guild/Group: Jedi Order
Rank: Jedi Initiate

Other Information: Languages: basic, ryl, mando'a, shyriiwook translation, ke'ldor


Corenth was born to the family of a very wealthy merchant king named Rocen. His mother was Revana. His parents raised him greatly, they cared for him as any loving parent would. teaching him how to be polite, how to trust others, and how to help those in need as well as getting him anything that he needed. He lived a comfortable life and at age 5 he was sent to school like all the other kids, but there was a difference. Corenth was above average for his age. A few months after he turned 5, his parents had another child, his only sister. she was called Serena. Corenth would play with his new sibling, and the two of them would later get on extrememly well, rarely fighting as normal siblings would. At school, he would do his best to memorize everything, He was top of his classes all the way through school. He progressed very well. There was one problem he always had in school, with his above average performences, he became a target for bullies whom saw it fit to all attack Corenth when ever they had the chance.
At age 10 his father decided to send him to a school where he would learn to defend himself, a martial arts school. He progressed slowly through the ranks of the class. When he returned to school, he no longer had problems with the bullies. The next time he was attacked, he defended himself to the point the bullies were too tired to continue. Corenth never threw a punch at them though. They ran off, after not being being able to even touch Corenth. He never had to worry about being victimized anymore. What shocked the teachers was that he didn't use his skills to pick on anyone, but to help those who were bullied. His reputation in the school changed, from the child who was overly smart yet couldn't defend himself, to one that nobody would attempt to pick a fight with.
At age 11 He became fascinated with everythin relating to technology. He dreamed of one day becoming a pilot, and would stare at spare parts that his father would later go on to sell. He would often attempt to take them appart and put them back together when nobody was looking. By the time he was 12, his sister had shown she had powers, apparently force sensitive, This scared Corenths parents as they feared that the Chiss inquisition would also discouver this. In fear she was locked away from the world and would never see outside of the house again. Corenth was there when he last saw his sister before she was locked up, he knew that because he didn't help her, she was angry at him and their father. That was the last he saw of her.
Corenth grew up to be a strong, confident young man. Reaching one of the highest ranks obtainable for his young age, at his martial arts school by age 13. He also began to dream of constructing his own personal starship. With the access he had to his father's company, he was able to get all the parts he would need. He talked about this with his father, whom thought it could be an alright idea if Corenth was supervised. So his father agreed and would go onto help Corenth build a small starship. Corenth had a happy relationship with his father. Corenth would learn many things from him. He was taught how to drive a landspeeder, speeder-bikes, and eventually even teaching him how to pilot at an early age.
The day after his 14th birthday,while he was walking down the streets of Theed city, he spotted a few thugs attempting ro rob an elderly man. Without thinking, he quickly reacted and defended the old man, but he was far too outnumbered and outweighed. For once it seemed Corenth had jumped into a situation more then what he could handle. They pushed him around and his anger grew. He had not been pushed around as such scince he was a small child. Out of anger his force sensitivity revealed itself to him and he pushed all the thugs into walls, knocking them all out. He was shocked, and once again since his childhood, scared.
After helping the old man, he headed back home and told his parents. After their mistake with their daughter they were scared, not knowing how to react as they wished for Corenth to learn the ways of the Jedi, yet it was nearly impossible to contact the Jedi. Unknown to Corenth however, The Jedi Knight Moza Ferorn was on a supply trip to Naboo, he witnessed the courage and bravery as well as the force within Corenth and followed the boy home. After revealing himself to the family, it was arranged for Corenth to be taken to the secret temple where the Jedi now reside.

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I approve this. Moving to Approved.


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