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Post  Rick on Thu Jul 21, 2011 9:20 pm

Name: Viera Adri

Low Profile name: Viera Lakel

Age: 15

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Planet of birth: Ziost

Picture:Viera Adri Jedi_girl_by_neitsabes

Armor that she has under her robes (To be RPed): Viera Adri 500px-Tron_legacy_81_scaled_800

Tattoo on Viera's right shoulder: Viera Adri Black%20tribal%20tattoos This tattoo symbolizes that Viera is cursed. Her body is cold as ice as her skin tone is completely white as snow. As she is the second child to the Adri Family, she was born with this curse, and shall for-ever remain this way until some way for this curse to be broken. How ever even if the curse were to be broken, the tattoo on her shoulder would remain without any hope of removing it.

Parents: Both dead

Siblings: Sister (Sith military has marked her KIA)

Faction: Nightsister


Current Lightsabers:Viera Adri VieraAdeiLakelSaber

Future Lightsabers:Viera Adri JediGaurdianSaber
Viera Adri Obi-wanssaberyellow

Saber disc's (Is to be RPed):Viera Adri 0_1-Identity-Disk-from-Tron-Legacy Has two of these which glow in red


Viera's life:

Ever since she was a little girl, Viera's life had been nothing but a bad memory. Her mother's speech ended when she was four years old when Viera was kidnapped. Her sister and father saved her and took the family from one home to the next, moving in hope that they wouldn't be founded. Though when ever there was a gang that was giving them trouble, they got out of it by giving up one, two or all three of the girls to them for payment. Viera had two people in her whole life that she looked up to, her mother even though she couldn't take, her kindness and love gave an impact her on. She looked highly up to her sister who was ten years older then her, she protected Viera and loved her so much that most of the time it was her getting raped and beaten instead of Viera. Her life was sad but she some how was able to get through it along with her family. During Viera's seventh birthday, she did something amazing as she was trying to escape a few men trying to grab for her, she inadvertently pulled down a few objects with the force that hit the men that was chasing her. Her parents tried to explore her abilities seeing she was sensitive in the force, they wanted to send her to the sith academy but her sister forbid them. She had a good idea how life was in the sith academy, and did not wanted to see her beloved sister go through that, so Viera stayed at home with her family, safe from the sith. When Viera turned eight, that was when her family split up a little because her sister decided to give her family protection by joining the sith empire's military force. It made Viera extremely upset to see her sister leave but she knew she wouldn't see her again, but also she was upset because for one thing, she wasn't allowed to go into the sith academy to give them protection, yet her sister went off and joined the military. Upsetting, however was also explained that to her sister, she would rather join the military then send Viera to the sith academy to possibly die from the training. That was the last time Viera saw her sister, and luckily for her and her parents, the sith gave them protection considering one of their family member's is in the military, that lasted for a long time. Through her sister's training, the best way she could communicate to her was when she was allowed to talk to her family after training. Viera told her sister many stories of what had happened, and her sister told her stories back about her training. Her sister was smart, beautiful and also very talented. They never said a word about Viera being able to use the force, in fear that the sith would take her and put her in the sith academy. Four years later, Viera was twelve, her sister was out on a mission, and something that would leave a scar in her heart forever happened. During the mission, the ship her sister was on was destroyed, they weren't allowed to know what happened on the mission only that the ship was destroyed. Her family held a private funeral, the only time Viera got to hear a glimpse of her mother's voice was when she was crying, but not as much as Viera was.. She was devastated, two days before her sister's death she was told that she would be back home for Viera's birthday, it was a promise.. A promise, that wouldn't be fulfilled. The protection the sith provided was gone, and soon the thugs came back. It wasn't long till Viera was fourteen when she was impregnated, how ever that pregnancy ended when her father found out and he took a knife and stabbed Viera's stomach when she was five months in her pregnancy. They used what money they had to take her to the hospital, during which her mother asked the sith for protection. Two ways this could have been payed, her daughter being trained in the sith academy (she told the sith recruiter that Viera was a force sensitive.) or paying with credits. A week after Viera was out of the hospital, a sith instructor came to examine Viera. He took one look at her and said "This child would not survive a minute in the academy... One look at her and the students would use her as the thugs and gangs have been using you." So they talked into a deal by paying with credits.. How ever, that protection didn't last very long. It was a week before Viera's 15th birthday, her parents could no longer afford the protection and to make things worst they gotten a visit for one of the combat instructors from the academy. After seeing that they couldn't pay, they decided to take their own payment by taking Viera. Her mother didn't like that, and her father tried to protest, how ever those protests were ended when his head came off. Her mother grabbed a near by pistol that they bought, and Viera pleaded with her not to shoot, how ever those cries turned into sobs as she watched the sith and a few soldiers that came in shoot at her mother, then before her eye's were raping her while her mother was dieing infront of her.

Viera's hope for a new beginning:

It had been months since her parents death, Viera guessed it had been five to six or so months since she was taken away. Through those months she had been beaten, raped, stabbed, hanged, tortured, and tormented through any methods the sith could think of. They even forced her to re-live a few of her deepest, saddest memories. After her last treatment, she was left in her cell as she didn't had the strength to cry anymore, all she wanted to do was die because she was sick of her life. Those wishes may yet have came true when somebody came in and thought they could play with her. She begged the figure to kill her, and thought she would when she felt the punch of an injection go into her arm, kolto was pouring into her through the needle and healing her wounds. She was told to close her eye's as this mysterious person killed the gaurds that came back from their break. She was lead out of the cell, asking her name she replied, and the figure gave her a name name. "For now on, you will be known as Viera Lakel. You will be my sister and use the name as a low profile means." That was when Serena Lakel saved her. And that was when Viera's life changed as now she is a nightsister, a new life, a new beginning, a chance to be something more then a puppet.

RP Powers: (To be RPed) ((Abilities that are not in the JKA game that can only be used via trp))

Force Powers:

Jump: 0
Push & Pull: 0
Speed: 0
Sense(sight): 1

Lightside Powers: None (To be RPed/Trained.)

Darkside Powers: None (To be Rped/Trained.)

Saber styles:

Shi-cho: In-training

Saber defense: 0

Saber Throw: 0

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