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Post  Mope1138 on Thu Jul 28, 2011 8:03 pm

The vire where onces humans until they discovered a portal into a dimension called the rift, when they entered the rift the portal behind them collapsed trapping them inside.What they found inside was wat seemed almost to be paradise but as they remained little did they know that as they stayed they where changeing them selves some of there expedition that where traped didnt survive the change, those who survived hade a rather interesting side effect of the change, it gave them special abilitys, one woman who was amongst them kiyla was one of 3 people who became the strongest in these powers she adn the other 2 like her used theses powers on the rest of the expedition to change them into soldiers they control, kiyla adn the other 2 like her decided to split into 3 tribes from strongets tribe to weakest kiylas tribe the vire was the strongest and thus the head tribe where as the estrius was the second strongest and the eredar the weakest. she then decided that the rift was too small to rule there fore she hade the minions builds vehicles and ships to prepare for the up comeing venture out of the rift they still wait for the proper moment to attack, they have sent out scouts into the galaxy to see if its perfect for launching said invasion.


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