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Post  Mope1138 on Fri Jul 29, 2011 3:45 pm

Vire honorgaurd: Vire Units Unledemi the second strongest unit next to the queen they are the most elite unit in the entire vire army they carry 2 energy disks a baton 2 poison blades and a knife there armor is a mixture of beskar and cortosis material so killing them will be very very difficult they have 2 abilitys cloack and shield

Vire champion: Vire Units Warriorclassdarkknightb the champions are the most deadlyist unit next to the honor gaurd they carry a double bladed energy axe 2 single blade axes and have heavy heavy armor

Vire Knight: Vire Units Wkcdragonknight the knights are the back bone of the vire army they carry a 3 bladed spear and a long blade they wear the standard issue bskar cortosis mixture armor and have the same weeve on there weaponry

Vire Minions: Vire Units Wkcwhiteknightportrait the vire minions they are controled by the higher levels and dont have a freedom of will they carry a shield and a blade

Alpha hound: Vire Units Wkcwhiteknightportrait Head hound same state as the minions they have armor thats all theyll haev there strong and fast adn agile


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