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A long time ago in a galaxy Far Far Away...

Star Wars Presents...
A Firewolf Special Presentation...

A long long long time ago during a time of darkness and a time of no resistance to the Sith there lived a person of great power a person that was a conquerer of many planets... This story not to be mistakened with Serena but to be the story of...

The Story of Sikara Lakel Galactic_Map

Sikara Lakel Father of Serena Lakel, Conqueror of many worlds, dark follower of the Ancient True sith and lastly first Rebellion Rogue resistance against the Sith.

The Story of Sikara Lakel 180px-Anzati_sith

(Prologue Music)


It is a time of darkness throughout the Galaxy where a new destructive threat has started purging the galaxy of the light. This threat has come to known itself as the true sith of the Galaxy.

Many Worlds Fear this new threat and for good reasons hearing of what these True sith have done to other worlds, destroying them, ravaging them and leaving nothing behind showing no mercy to anyone. Many worlds to keep away from this fear have allied themselves to these true sith.

One of the worlds that has come to known to ally with the sith is the homeworld of the Anzat known as Anzatti, at this time the world of Anzatti is largly populated with anzat and at peace. Soon all of that will change however as the sith believe in betrayal even against there own allies the question that always comes up which world will they betray or take over next?

Meanwhile at the same time Anzatti have come to ignore the threat of the sith seeing at this time Anzatti are known as great conquerors sided with the sith one of the many great conquerors known among the Anzat is Sikara Lakel. Conqueror of more then 20 planets in the Universe and has been classified as the 2nd strongest Anzat among the whole planet. He does not travel and take over these planets along he has been known to have a very strong team of Anzats most reconize as Layla and Soran. Soon there time of conquering will end and the question will come will they become a Slave and pawn of the sith to betray there own world or will they be the resistance...?

The Story of Sikara Lakel Fire_wolf_avatar_picture_14079
Author: Firewolf
Editor: Firewolf
Lines Done by: Firewolf
Characters by: Firewolf
Pictures from: Google Images or Wookieepedia
Music Videos From:

The Planet Thustra, A glorious planet known for its mass species of Sephi the long living intelligent Race that live longer then the hutts themselves. There were many conflicts between the Anzat and Sephi on which would live longer even know the debate still lives on but for all the wrong reasons. For one the Ancient True Sith of this time had started taking planets however Anzatti (Sikara's and Serenas Home planet) allied with the Ancient Sith believing they would one day take over the Planet Thustra, this day came but not for there reasons it was this day that was there darkest day of all here we have our Conquerors Soran, Layla and lastly the leader of this conquering group Sikara Lakel.

Sith Soldiers taking out any resistance while on patroll on Thustra
The Story of Sikara Lakel Thustra3

Soran: was taking his break with Layla while Sikara was out patrolling around the area she looked to Soran Ugh whats taking the man so long?

Layla: looked over to soran with a smirk What do you think Soran? Hes on patroll while hearing news his wife gave birth to a baby girl... hes probably wondering what she looks like I heard however that Sikara and his wife named her Serena over Sikara's grandmothers name

Soran: I knew I should have gone on patroll and not him... hes taking so long-

Sikara: using force flight he landed down interrupting him saying What were you saying about me taking forever Soran?

Soran: Nothing Sikara...

Layla: she giggled to how owned Soran got

Sikara: went patting him on the shoulder smirking Dont worry old pal your forgiven for making yourself looking like an idiot after he heard that he heard rumbling coming from the ruins of the building next to them he looked over as well did Layla and soran.

The Story of Sikara Lakel 96px-Sephi_tall
An Sephi came out of the rubble as if not hurt by it and untouched this Sephi was pronouced to be the oldest and wisest Sephi that could see into the future... his name was Xorad

Xorad: he looked at each of Sikaras members saying there name Let me guess... this is Soran, the female Anzat is Layla and lastly the great True sith spawn conqueror Sikara Lakel

Sikara: Thats Mr. True Sith spawn conqueror Sikara Lakel to you oldy... and let me tell you my patience with you is at a 0 tolerance! He went charging at him with his red saber ignited

Xorad: He quickly reacted jumping behind him using force stun on his back as he quickly transplated his power of forseeing the future into his mind

Sikara: GAH! he glanced in pain for a minute before falling over out cold

Layla: SIKARA! She went over catching him quickly doing first aid responses on him with Kolto to any of his injuries

Soran: quickly reacted using force alter enviroment to disentagrate xorad with the dirt around him turning to flames watching Xorad burn

Xorad: he burned disentagrating till there was nothing but ashes left on the ground

Sikara: While unconcious the gift of seeing the future had already affected his mind he was seeing part of the future as he saw what looked like Serena a bit older

Serena(Future vision): was kneeling in front of was Lord Chaos the True sith

Sikara: was speaking in his own mind saying =T= i-is that my daughter Serena...? she looks so grown up... he watched a little more seeing the 2 do practice spars =T= Oh I get shes trying to gain his trust and over power him to rule the sith...

Sikara watches them do there practice spars
The Story of Sikara Lakel Darth_Revan_vs_Darth_Nihilus_C_by_clarkspark

Sikara: =T= wow she looks like shes a sith lady know... and shes really strong to Seeing her what she looks like as a sith lady taking off her mask. He then noticed the image changed to what looked like Serena being a jedi training with other jedi and getting trust from them like Darik. =T= oh I see shes getting more trust from other people... but im not sure what these people are called(seeing jedi had no interevened against the sith yet)

The Story of Sikara Lakel Darth_Revan_by_Tachikoma_X

Sikara: it was just then he saw a blinding light that awakened him and he saw he was in a kolto tank before he used the force to break his way out of the glass he then looked over seeing he was naked putting a robe over himself then saw the medical droid

Medical Droid: Welcome back Mr. Lakel

Sikara: Good to be back he then remebered My daughter Serena Lakel where is she?

Medical Droid: She is this way in the baby room asleep please follow me


Layla: had fallen over dead still on the planet Thustra with Soran as the sith were in the middle of secretly betraying the Anzatti

Soran: LAYLA!! he said while being held in the air in a choke hold

Lord Chaos: was holding him by the throat

Soran: You just dont get it do you... your sith in the end all they will do is come and destroy your own world and in the end they will betray you

Lord Chaos: You now Soran im more of a know type of guy... like what am i going to do now? how am i going to kill you now? what am I going to eat now? and heres a hint you could be the first 2 and by the way... he whispered into his ear hte last part My race is dead... pain was heard in the distance of thustra

Meanwhile back at the Med bay over thustra he went to baby area seeing many babies untill he came across seeing the tag Serena Lakel he smiled looking at her

Sikara: =T= ok lets so how many strong medicholorians she got he picked up the medicholorian counter seeing it calculate her medicholorians he then saw the calculation =T= AW NO NO Only 2000.... he facepalmed =T= Well I guess what I was dreaming wasnt true... or she just has to feed on alot of people before she becomes like that, anyways id best go check on Soran and Layla there probably dieing to wait for me he went to the ship hanger flying off back to thrustra

His ship flew back to the planet Thrustra when it landed he went over to where his friends last were seeing Layla dead first

Sikara: Layla!! he went running over to her body feeling her pulse and feeling she was cold and pale and had been dead for several hours he then heard some one calling out his name faintly he looked over to See Soran he was fataly wounded witha a hole through his chest he went running over to him next Soran! What happened? =T= it couldnt have been the local sephi there all dead...

Soran: Coughed out blood I-it was the Sith Sikara... they came to check on our progress on the invassion we were almost done like they instructed but then Lord Chaos came by and he killed us... hes planning to kill the rest of our Race because of a prophecy he fears of the Anzat

Sikara: Tried healing him with kolto finding it useless at this point Your not going to die Soran not while im around im going to heal you as best as I can and then I will bring you back to Anzatti to get you fully healed again just in the mean time tell me this prophecy

Soran: The prophecy of which he speaks of and fears... is that one day an uprising of the Anzat people will take place against the sith and from that a powerfull Anzat will be born a powerfull enough one to kill him he figures if he kills usall now there will be less chances of thats. The only reason he had let us come to invade Thrustra was because he also knew they were planning to make an alliance with us against the sith and he couldnt allow that his hand gripped Sikara's robes Listen Sikara im not going to make it but you will, you have to go back to Anzatti and protect our people no matter the cost otherwise the Anzat will die and go extinxt

Sikara: Alright fine im going back to Anzatti but your going to make it dont talk like your going to die- he looked down seeing soran had closed his eyes and had stopped breathing =T= and now im holding my best friend thats dead in my hands... well good thing Serena is in hiding away from Anzatti now all I have to do is return to anzatti and start the first rebellion resistance against the sith he got up holding a long band that was meant to stop Sorans bleeding he looked to it seeing it was covered in a blood stain as he wrapped it around his forehead =T= I guess im the first of this uprising-

General Vereer(The force master general of the ships over Anzatti): was force cloaked he appeared right behind Sikara Im afraid your going no where Sikara he ignited his blade and so did Sikara as they both got into a lightsaber fight

Sikara: was charging his force to throw him back before his future seeing gift distracted him making him see his daughter


Sikara: opened his eyes thinking =T= alter wha- he then got force thrown through one of the buildings with rubble falling down on him

General Vereer: smirked thinking he was most likely dead from that he used his comlink contact all sith All Sephi and Anzat in the area are dead from now we move on to the planet Anzatti to finish the job he walked off dissapearing in the distance

Sikara: He came out of the rubbles once Vereer was gone his robes a little torn but he was still fine he came out coughing from the rubbles dust =T= n-no I have to get back to Anzatti before they do he called his ship getting on it and flying off to Anzatti

His ship after many hours made it to the Planet Anzatti before the Sith had even made it he knew he had an advantage now to save the Planet Anzatti as he got out of his ship running to the military base reception area where most of the Anzat military was on there break.

Sikara: he ran in catching his breath as many military soldiers looked at him whispering his name wondering what had happened to him or why he was here alone. He then spoke out All Anzat... I come with you with an important message something that we have to take action for as of right now, Lord Chaos is on his way here with his ships to come and Obliterate Anzatti our homeworld

All the soldiers looked at each other whispering before laughing at him out loudly, disbelieving the idea of Lord Chaos and his wrath coming here seeing they were powerfull allies at this time.

Sikara: he then shouted out in anger Im not joking everyone! Our Future depends on defending Anzatti!! If you wish for your friends, Loved ones and our future young ones to live on... We must take a stand now!! everyone went quiet listening to his inspirational words We cant let the sith take action for us now if we want our future young ones to be strong we have to be the strong ones... Not them now I will ask only this once who is with me to kick their ass away from our homeworld?? Everyone went silent as he sighed about to leave in dismay one raised there hand and then suddenly everyone else did. Sikara looked at them with a faint smile he then said Good... then the official Anzat Resistance Rebellion against the Sith Starts now! We will go being ready in front of our capital city and wait for them to come and we will defend till there all gone or till we all die either way we all die for the future or we die nowing were protecting the future of our young ones!

Meanwhile on one of the ships over Anzatti General Veerer came over to Lord Chaos

Lord Chaos: looked down to Veerer seeing him kneel before him Rise Vereer, tell me are all the Sephi's and Anzat dead on Thrustra?

General Veerer: There all dead me and my men took care of them do we move foward to Anzatti now?

Lord Chaos: The ship is in hyperspace on its way to Anzatti in the next minute we will be there-

Royal Gaurd: Lord Chaos, please execuse me but one of the Anzat from Thrustra survived and started a rebellion against us on the planet there trying to Defend Anzatti from us!

Lord Chaos: looked to Veerer then to the royal gaurd No matter I will deal with them myself... he walked to the hanger bay taking a ship down to Anzatti but having it float bellow the atmosphere so he could breath and looking down to the rebellion trying to get ready to defend Anzatti

Sikara: looked up seeing Lord Chaos he growled looking to him he then used force flight to fly up to him close to his level a couple CHAOS! he shouted to him before stopping in mid air We the Anzat Race have enough of being your slave and pawns! We here to stop being your slave this is our first stand against you! he made a big force orb in his hand and my promise is you will die from an anzat even if its not me your death will be from an anzats! So show me what you got!!!

Lord Chaos: he grunted before he put a finger in the air as small little bots of purple electricity were seen in his hand making himself look weak to him


Lord Chaos: looked seeing the force orb coming towards him as he put his hand in the air large electricity loads of purple electricity was seen in the air coming to his hand as he pointed it to Sikara's direction absorbing the Force orb to make his attack stronger as the purple electricity came down on the anzat capital city he laughed insanely to hearing the screams of death

Sikara: was caught in the purple like electricity trying to fight back against it =T= n-no... this cant be how its ends for me I have so much more to fight for against Chaos I have to keep fighting- he then saw the future again of what looked like Serena confronting Chaos in person on the grounds of Anzatti, it even showed the confrontation between General Veerer and many other dark sith =T= she will confront so many... and be so much stronger then I ever was... im sorry Serena I will never be able to tell you this... but im so proud of you and I am always watching over you he smiled a little before being disentagrated from the purple electricity with the capital city on Anzatti in ruins, Veerer and many of the sith watched as this happened in amazement Chaos was able to pull this off

The sith ship flying over Planet Anzatti watching the destruction of the capital
The Story of Sikara Lakel 27059

Ending Music

And so we come to our ending with our first Rogue Resistance Rebellion Sikara gone and dead... but not the resistance many Anzatti survived and fought back in Sikara's honor and through this a war developed that interested the republics eyes and the jedi and through this war Serena Lakel was born the question that now remains when will she confront Lord Chaos and Veerer? and what side of the force will she rely on? Will Serena take the path of darkness through anger, hate and corruption to destroy Lord Chaos and his pawns or will she take the path of the light?

The last image of Serena in the future of what Sikara saw her in his uniform a bit more modified holding his lightsaber
The Story of Sikara Lakel Force_Destruction

This has been brought to you by the following:
Author: Firewolf
Editor: Firewolf
Lines Done by: Firewolf
Characters by: Firewolf
Pictures from: Google Images or Wookieepedia
Music Videos from:

The Story of Sikara Lakel Fire_wolf_avatar_picture_14079

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