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First Name: Rei

Middle Name: Ayamie

Last Name: Velara

Age: 26

Species: Human(Mandalorian)-Zabrak hybrid

Planet of Birth: Iradonia

Home Planet: N/A

Father Species: Human

Mother's Species: Zabrak

Faction: Republic

Rank: PVT (Private)


Close up Picture:

Weapons: Mandalorian P-13 pistol CR-65 ARS-55 Sniper Rifle

Equipment: Comm-wrist device, helmet communications system, helmet also is equipped with a motion detector.

Personality: Straight forward, is very protective with her self and most of the times it's her being protective of her health, takes things seriously during missions, doesn't like much perverted stuff, most of the time she keeps to her self and very rarely is open with others. She's open with only a few people while other's she'll put up her defenses and close up.

Medical Condition: Genetic Flaws: Cronic rage and slight mood swings caused by her zabrak horns that have grown inwards instead of outward of her skull, permament blured vision,


Rei Velara, a girl who had been born on her mother's home planet of Iradonia, how ever she wasn't born fully zabrak. She was born a hybrid between the zabrak species and human, although they share many character-istics, this would prove some problems with growing up, possibly some mental or physical fawls that most humans and zabraks wouldn't normally have. What those flaws might be to Rei is at the moment unknown. Though looking at her history can possibly determine those flaws.


Durring her days as a child on Iridonia, most kids didn't spend time with her, when ever she would try to play with some of the children at the school she was at they would bully her around, this caused her some trouble to stand up for her self considering some of her health issues. She had been on medication since birth and some times when kids would bully her they'd take away her meds. One time her medication was thrown away into a river, and she couldn't get them back. She almost died that day, when she got home she was starting to cough up a little blood, she was about seven years old during this. Her parents managed to take her to the hospital to be checked out, and they were able to get her a refill. After that she told her parents what happened, and the school was informed, how ever for Rei she felt horrible when she learned the students that threw her meds away were severely punished. She wished since then that she would either be a full zabrak or a full human, that way she wouldn't have these flaws.

Pre-teen years, day she went on her own:

One day Rei went out for a walk, she was 12 years old at the time and she talked her parents into letting her go out on a walk. She was taking medication for her lungs and was going to go to a doctor to get them fixed, that was until she started smelling smoke, and then several speeders zooming past her as they were heading for her house. She ran as fast as she could, and before she knew it she saw her home on fire. She tried to run to the house but a local law enforcement officer stopped her while anti-fire personnel were trying to contain and put out the fire. About thirty minutes later how ever, a shot came and a few ships shot and landed at the ground. She fell over and saw the mercenaries shooting up her house and the people around it who were trying to put the fire out. She ran off as fast as she could to get away, hoping none of the mercenaries would see her, she was lucky that none of them did. She found her self alone as she made it to a city, she sat down in an ally way and couldn't do anything but cry out as the realization that her parents were gone sinked in.

Joining the Hunters:

When Rei turned 15, she set a goal to become a bounty hunter, she was lucky that there was a bounty hunters guild near by and she went straight towards them. She went straight up to the guy at the front desk, and told him flat out that she wanted to be a bounty hunter. The man simply laughed till Rei repeated her self and tried what she could, unfortunately the man wouldn't accept her till finally he gave her a simple test, to capture a bounty dead or alive that was in the city and bring him the bounty. Rei accepted and took a job that she thought would be easy, unfortunately she found out that the guy she was to capture was in a club, one she couldn't get into. She waited for the guy to come out and it wasn't until night fall that he and several others finally came out, she got his attention and tricked him into thinking she was trying to get a job, and after a bit the man rejected to give her a job and she acted like she was upset. The man went over to her and decided to use her for a very "special" job, Rei thought about it and figured he meant to rape her. She took out a stun stick that the guy at the Guild gave her and quickly stunned the man when he reached out for her. After that she dragged the man to the guild and was accepted for grabbing her first bounty. Unfortunately the targets bounty was only 600 credits, but considering how young Rei is, it was either that or go for a bounty that she'd get killed over.

Join the crew:

Rei continued on her training as a bounty hunter and started to become a well renown Hunter with-in the Bounty Hunters guild. But she wasn't getting no where as costs for her ship and her apartment were adding up, and credits was getting harder to earn. She was 23 years old at this time and while she was relaxing, a woman came up to her room and started to talk to her. Her name was Liara Akira, a kind of famous bounty hunter with-in the guild who owned her own YT-2400, customized too. She talked Rei into helping her start a bounty hunter crew on her ship, the only catch was it was an all girls crew which Rei had no problems with at all. She joined up immediately, she had to sell her current ship and sell her apartment but in the end she was happy that she wasn't alone for one, and two: that she didn't had to worry about ship right bills, electric bills, water bills, bills in general. Bills got annoying to the point she hated anybody named Bill.

Days on the crew:

Rei was happy with her life on the crew, although at the time it was only just her and Lirana but even still, they managed to bag a lot of credits with some high level bounties that one person couldn't handle. With two bounty hunters things were a tad bit easier, they didn't just became partners though, they changed things into a friendship, a family. Though Rei couldn't bring her self up to it, after long days, weeks and months of traveling, hunting and spending time with Lirana she fell in love with her. She and Liara did a lot of things together, they even managed to become just ordinary women when things weren't so busy, for Rei she didn't just fell in love with Liara but she trained with her. She thought of Liara as more then a lover, but also a mentor as she taught her more then what she learned in the guild. One day she finally took up the courage and told Liara her feelings, she was surprised though that Liarahad the same feelings, but this made their relationship a bit stronger. Unfortunately something they didn't think was that this love could also be their greatest weakness.

An impossible bounty:

About almost seven months since Rei and Liara had been in this duo crew, through the months the two had become lovers. Though this proved difficult as some times they would get into fights, how ever their biggest task was about to happen. They accepted a bounty that was told to be an impossible bounty, the wanted poster was for a sith. When the three accepted they didn't knew what they were getting into until they found the sith on Taris, they confronted him and chased him down to the lower levels of taris. When the reached the lower city they tried to corner him, finding out he was a force user and finding out he had light saber training. Rei and Liara were trained in melee combat so they took out their vibroswords and got into a melee fight. Rei was kicked to the side and Lirara was caught in Drakul's grasp, and she didn't knew it until she was watching it when Drakul started to feed on Liara's blood, draining her of her life until nothing was left, and he managed to knocked Rei out with a powerfull force push, but not before Rei shot him in the head and killed him.


Rei woke up about a few hours after she was knocked out, seeing she was in a medical room, she over and saw Liara's body. The medics explained they couldn't do anything, and Rei called them out as liars, that was until she found out for her self that nothing could be done. Liara was dead, there was nothing left any of the them or Rei could do. She left for Liara's home planet of Corellia and buried her, explaining to Liara's still living mother what had happened. Liara was buried next to her ship which they found out belonged to her brother, they had the ship placed next to her grave and her brothers as a memorial for the two. That night after the funeral, Rei had decided to go out on her own and do something with her life, Rei decided to go on the military path. Liara's mother told her that she was welcome to stay, but she still left, thanking her mother in knowing that she had at least one place to come back to. unfortunately, it was a place filled with memories both good and painful.

Joining the Military:

Rei went for the Galactic Republic, and after her background and training was checked out, she was accepted. She had to fake that she was human instead of a hybrid, fearing that she's be under some kind of medical experimentation or worst she may get kicked out considering she was half mandalorian, She joined and after she finished basic training she left the training camps as a Private. After a year she still remained a private, going from assignment to assignment, always on temporary assignments, waiting for the chance to prove her self and be in a permanent assignment. Unfortunately because she was a previous bounty hunter, proving her self is difficult because everybody holds her back.

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