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Kyro-Just want everyone's opinion, so REPLY. Empty Kyro-Just want everyone's opinion, so REPLY.

Post  Kyro on Sun Jul 31, 2011 3:58 am

Name: Treska Khayuum
Alias: Kyro
Age: 37
Species: Dathomiri/Corellian (Human)
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Dathomir
Occupation: Any work he can find
Rank: FORMER: Jedi Knight, Sith Knight ; Currently
Current Affiliations: Singing Mountain Clan (Dathomir)
Eye Color: Bright gray; a light, vibrant yellow when mad
Hair color: Black with a white streak in the front
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 162 Lbs.
Sith Sword(reinforced with cortosis, to be used in saber fighting)
Sith Lightsabers(red, purple)
Jedi Lightsaber(yellow)
Approx. 30,000 credits
Deathsticks(smokable, injectable by needle and edible. Edible must be mixed with food or liquid)
Languages: Galactic Basic, Ryl, Ithorian, Shrii'wook, Mando'a
Skills: Making deathsticks; smoking deathsticks, hiding deathsticks, persuasion and bribing.
Force Powers:
Jump: 3
Push: 3
Pull: 1
Speed: 0, he uses Push for it
Sense: 3

Heal: 0
Protect: 0
Mind Trick: 2
Absorb: 2

Lightning: 2
Grip: 3
Drain: 2
Rage: 3
Saber Forms: I Shii Cho, III Soresu, V Djem So, a combination of Djem So + IV Ataru, Jar'Kai

Treska's father was Aiden Khayuum. He was conceived when his father, a Jedi Master, was sent on a mission to Dathomir. He forgot about his wife and first-born child, Jorus Khayuum, and abandoned the order out of love for a woman he met while on Dathomir. Thus, Treska was born. It's still not known if anything else had influenced Aiden's decision, but shortly after his new son was born he left Dathomir and was never seen again. Only Treska's poor mother took care of him, and she despised Aiden for leaving her and as Treska grew older she took it out on him, as he progressively came to look more and more like his father. By the time Treska was 15 he couldn't take it anymore. His mother was going to beat him for no apparant reason again, as she always does, but he slapped her hand away and pushed her out of anger. That was the first time Treska used the Force, Force Push, when he pushed his mother through the wall of their house, making it collapse on her, killing her.

Shortly after the incident the female Dathomiri of his clan, the Singing Mountain Clan, captured him and locked him away until they decided what to do with him, as males were used as slaves and a male being able to use their 'magic' was unheard of. The leader of the Singing Mountain Clan decided to talk to Treska in private, then make her decision. After a long talk with him, she said he would be executed for killing a member of the clan and for learning their spells. He would be publicly executed infront of the whole clan in two days, by being hanged. After that the clan leader demanded to be left alone until Treska was to be executed. After that, alone, she went back to Treska's prison and stayed there, alone, for nearly all the time between then and his execution.

The day for Treska to be hanged came. He silently let the clan leader slide the noose over his head around his neck. He was standing atop a ladder-like structure. He murmured a few ineligible words then he was kicked off, pushing him from the structure and tightening the noose around his neck, suffocating him. He stayed there, hanging by his neck, for about 3 minutes, the others in the clan pelting him with rocks and anything else they could find. Then they took his corpse down and made a small raft which Treska was set upon. He was sent floating down the river, far away from the Singing Mountain Clan's village. When he thought it was safe, he got up and jumped onto the river bank, coughing and hacking his throat out and panting heavily. It's been about 15 to 20 minutes since he was hanged. The two days the clan leader spent with Treska before his 'execution', she and Treska made a deal. She taught him how to last for awhile without breathing using the Dathomiri Witches' 'Spells'. Treska practiced this power non-stop the two days before his execution, taking only a two-hour-long break that was just before he was hanged to rest up in order to use it as effectively as he could. And it was a success. But the price the clan leader wanted in return for teaching him how to save his life was that Treska would goto the Jedi and learn their powers. She knew the Jedi's powers were stronger than the Witches' spells, and she wanted Treska to goto the Jedi and learn their 'magic' and, eventually, rid Dathomir of the Nightwitches - the Singing Mountain Clan's worst enemy. That was her plan, and now Treska was her pawn. She already arranged for a ship to take him off-planet. After waiting on the riverside for a few minutes, two Dathomiri slaves approached Treska and took him to the ship, departing for Corellia's Jedi Temple.

~:|Chapter I|:~

When I arrived on Corellia it was night. I was taken straight to another shuttle with native-born Corellian humans on it, all men. One of them spoke to me.
"So you're the Dathomiri boy eh? Listen up," he said, "You were born on Corellia. You were orphaned at an early age and don't know who your parents are. You were raised on the streets and was never registered in the Database. You found your Force Sensitivity in a small street fight with a random gang member. Got it?"
"Yea, sure.." I replied.
"Good" he said, "now you'll probably be asked your age. Just say fifteen, ok?"
I said "Yea, got it." I didn't really understand why I had to remember all that at the time, but I made sure to anyway.

Then we sat in silence until the ship suddenly shook a little, then stopped. The hatch opened and the men, I think there were two of them, led me out into a private hanger in the Jedi Temple.
I stared in amazement at the huge room. It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. The floor was shiny, the ceiling was meters high, and it looked like it was big enough to have a whole village in it. I was taken out of my awe when an old man in robes spoke to me.
"Treska Khayuum, I assume?" The man said in a soothing, relaxing tone. "We've been expecting you. Please, follow me."
The two men who led me out of the ship went back in and it took off. I followed the old man down the halls, awe-struck at just the hallways. Just one was just as big as my old house on Dathomir. Eventually we got to an elevator and we went up - quite a traumatizing first experiance for me. When it stopped, he led me into a circular room with many seats in it. There was a human or two there, like me, but there were also beings i've never seen before. There was a Zabrak, an Ithorian, a Twi'lek, a Bothan, and more, but there were still plenty of empty seats. The old man sat down in the seat directly opposite to the door.
He said "My name is Eli. I am the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order, you could say I lead it." He continued speaking in a soft, soothing tone, "Treska, how old are you now?"
"Fifteen." I remember being glad I listened to the man from the ship.
Eli hmm'd. "When did you first know you could use the Force?" He asked.
"I was in a fight with some guy in a gang and I pushed him. But, hard...very hard."
"I see." He took a moment to think, then said, "What did you feel like? When you 'pushed' him?"
"I remember being extremely mad," I told him.
He stared at me for a few seconds before saying, "I see. You should never act out of anger, Treska. Anger leads to hatred, and hatred leads to death and despair." His tone had changed. It wasn't soft or soothing now. He was louder, almost harsh even.
I hesitated before saying, "Y-yes, I understand." I didn't know what else to say.
"Don't worry, I'm not mad at you Treska" he said, again in his soft, calm voice. "You just need to learn control, and the difference between the light and dark. Do you want to learn this control to protect those you care about?"
I thought for a moment before answering. "Yea. Yes, I would," I said.
Eli smiled. "Then you are now a Jedi Initiate. You will be trained to manifest, control, and utilise the powers of the Force, as well as learn about the Galaxy, the Jedi, and the individuals in the Order. But for now you should rest, I can tell you've had a long journey getting here. Come, I'll show you to your room."
He got up and took Treska down the elevator (a slightly less traumatizing experiance this time) and led him to one of the many rooms for the Initiates. He got up on the bed and fell asleep right away.

Chapter 2 and up will be posted when I'm done, tell me what you think.

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Kyro-Just want everyone's opinion, so REPLY. Empty Re: Kyro-Just want everyone's opinion, so REPLY.

Post  Kyro on Sun Oct 02, 2011 6:47 pm

~:|Chapter II|:~

It's been about one year since I've joined the Jedi Order. Now I'm a Padawan, to a Knight named Ulic Du Kheel. I've already built my lightsaber, it has a yellow blade. I've trained endlessly with Force Push, and if I run while using it just below my feet I can run much faster then normal. I haven't really had any real-world experiance using these though. I've gone on missions with him before, but I've never actually done anything. But today's different. Today, I'm going with him to Zamael with some other Jedi. It seems like some Jedi quit the Order and set up base there. With Ulic, four other Knights, their Padawans, and a single Master, we're going to capture them before they can gather more to join them and cause a rebellion against the Jedi. There's about seven of them, all Knight-level except one Master, but with four Knights and Padawans, and a Jedi Master, it shouldn't be a problem I think. The ship's landing now about a mile from their small camp. I'm kinda nervous.
Ulic put his hand on my shoulder and asked, "You feeling okay, Treska?"
Ulic was a Jedi Knight, but he was only seventeen. Just a year older then me, and yet I'm his Padawan. But even I know that despite his age, no especially cause he's so young, he has to be really strong to be a Knight already. He's not that tall, kinda short even, with long blonde hair and green eyes.
"Yea, I'm fine Master." I said.
He smiled at me. "You're a bad liar. Just relax, it's nine to seven, and most of our Knights are almost ready to be Masters. Heck, their only Jedi Master only just became one. There's no reason to worry."
My Master has always been right before, so I believed him and tried to relax. It didn't help much, but it helped some.
The ship stops moving, and we all get out. We're in a small clearing in a large forest, the rogue Jedi are in another clearing further inside. It'll only take about twenty minutes to get to them if we run, which we do.
People laugh at me for it, but instead of bothering to learn to use the Force to let me run faster, when I run I throw my arms back and use Push to blast forward. I find it better, since I can run just as fast as the others and I'm also training a power I already know.

Anyway, soon we're just out of eyesight of the camp. We stopped running, and we're going to get as close to the camp as possible before we rush in and attack. I'm nervous, but not as nervous as I was in the ship. I know we can do this.
Now I can see the ship they landed in. They're inside it. It's night, and they're sleeping. We sneak in towards the cockpit, and the Knights make a hole in the glass for us to climb in, after they make sure no one's in it.
They signal it's clear, we climb in without a word. We've gone over the plan countless times at the Temple, and more on the ride to the planet. There was nothing to be said.
We stick close together until we reach the briefing room, then we split up into two groups and look around the ship. I see a door cracked open a little, and thinking I won't be seen, I peek inside. Right after that I feel something hard hit my head. Everything after that is just black.

~:|Chapter III|:~

After awhile I regain consciousness, and find myself being dragged into some ship. No, it wasn't just some ship, it was the one I came here with. I look up, and see a person I've never seen before, and Ulic, who's dragging in two bodies. One of them is a Knight and another is a Master, the ones who came to the planet with us. They're covered with saber marks, obviously dead. I couldn't keep my eyes open, and lost consciousness again.

When I wake up I'm in a bed. I sit up and look around. It's not the Jedi Temple on Corellia, definetely. The walls are made of stone, and have weird designs on them. I pick up my lightsaber that was on a stand next to the bed, and exit the room. Outside I see Ulic, only instead of him being in Jedi robes he's wearing pitch black robes. He looks at me and smiles widely.
"Have a nice nap, Treska?" He asked.
I asked him, "Master, where are we? What happened to the others? What about the rogue-" then I realized. Ulic was with the rogue Jedi. He's the one who hit me on the head on their ship, knocking me out. He had one of the rogue Jedi drag me back to our ship to take me here, while he dragged the corpses of the other Jedi who came with us on so no one who came back saw them.
He betrayed us.
"You betrayed us! You were with the rogues all along! Why?!" I shouted.
He frowned at me. "Treska, Treska, is there really a need to shout at your Master? after all, you lived and even got a room at this place, while the others were slaughtered. Shouldn't you be more thankful to your Master, who always watches over you like this? Oh, and we prefer to be called Dark Jedi, not 'rogues'."
I was filled with rage, and it was apparently obvious. "C'mon, don't look at me like that Treska. You were saved from being slaughtered like the others, you should be grateful, right?" He said.
"I looked up to you ever since I met, who's only one year older then me but yet you're a Knight and are even teaching me! All that time at the temple, everything you said, everything you taught me, it was all just a lie!" I was furious at him. I looked up to him so much, wanted to be like him, idolized him even, and yet he betrayed the Jedi! He lied to me, his own Padawan!
"What was the point in even having a Padawan if you planned to betray the Jedi! What's the point?" I asked.
Calmly, he answered, "Well, I didn't want one at first...but when I heard about you, I knew I had to have you. You'd be a perfect Apprentice! Don't you agree?"
He expected me to join him. After lying to me, betraying the Order, and killing our comrades, he expected me to join him? I couldn't take it anymore. I ignited my lightsaber and used the Force to push off the wall behind me, leaping at him, trying to slash him in half.
He ducked down and kicked me in my gut. Hard. I saw it coming, but I couldn't dodge it since I was in the air. After that he grabbed my neck and threw me against the wall, my grip on my lightsaber gone.
He smiled widely at me. "See what you just did? You call me the hypocrite, saying I betrayed everyone, but obviously you never listened to any of their teachings did you?" He picked me up by the throat and slammed me against the ground, pinning me down. I had much more muscle then him, and I knew I was physically stronger then him, but I couldn't move an inch. He just looked down smiling at me, keeping me there effortlessly.
"It's not so easy to beat a Dark Jedi, you see. The Jedi would never teach you to use your talent like this!" Suddenly I found myself smashed against the ceiling, then I crashed into the ground, then into the wall, then into the other one. Then Ulic used the Force to lift me up off the ground, strangling me with the Force.
"Like this, Treska? See what all I can do? This is the power of the Darkside!" He shot out a bolt of lightning at me. When it hit I screamed out in agony, but all that came out was a gurgle since he was constricting my throat at the same time. After a few seconds he stopped and dropped me, letting me gasp for breath. When I was about to regain my composure, he picked me up with the Force again and threw me, making me crash through a large door. On the other side were the seven Dark Jedi we were sent to capture, all looking at me either boredly or amused.
Ulic used the Force to make me bow down to them. "Sorry I took so long, I was just waking up my Apprentice." He said.
One of them replied, "It's fine, Kheel. Did you convert him yet?"
"Not yet, he's a stubborn boy." He said.
Another of them laughed and said "Good! We can do it with you then, right Ulic?" He smiled maniacly at me.
"Yes, we will help him, but not you. We can't have you breaking the poor boy" said one of the two girls in the group.
The one sitting in the middle of them said "Enough, Ulic gets to decide who gets to help him. It is his Apprentice after all."
Ulic looked at all the people in the room, then pointed to both the girls. "You two will help me. You alright with that?"
"Figures, you pervert." One of them said. The other said nothing.
Then Ulic stopped using the Force to hold me down. "C'mon Treska, we're not done yet." He walked out of the room with the two women, and reluctently, I followed.
We came to a room with an angled table in it, with chains on it, nothing else in the room. I felt a hard smack on the back of my head, and I was unconscious again. I woke up to electricity being shot into me, and after awhile of being shocked I noticed I was chained to the table. Ulic was electrocuting me with lightning, while one of the girls were cutting my chest with a knife, and the other girl was injecting me with something. The torture lasted for hours, I can't even remember what else they did. I guess whatever I was injected with kept me awake throughout the whole thing. When they stopped I didn't even notice, I couldn't feel, see, or hear anything. I couldn't smell my flesh being burned anymore either. I think I drifted off to sleep, mabye I fell unconscious from the pain, mabye I just can't remember, at the time I didn't give a shit, as long as the pain stopped.

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