Dear All Members, Faction Leaders and Admins

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Dear All Members, Faction Leaders and Admins Empty Dear All Members, Faction Leaders and Admins

Post  Firewolf on Sun Sep 25, 2011 8:19 pm

Dear All Members, Faction Leaders and Admins,

Today is currently Sunday, September 25,2011 the time currently 2:14 When I just got off the server to wait and make sure that Rick has finnaly downloaded the Ord Mantell map but I am not here to talk about that. I am here to express my dissapointment to all of you right know how you all acted. Yes all of you contributed in some way I am not going to point it out but if you really want me to I will the only ones I feel that did not create any problems were Rick and Mope so this isnt exactly targetted towards them this goes towards just Daka and Anyui.

(Only for Anyui and Daka to read)

To Anyui
If you think making funny little jokes and oocing alot will get you far in this RP community you are sadly wrong this will only slow down the rping success of this community despite the fact of how small this is. Also if your on the server to talk and ooc around about different games get off and do it on Xfire. Yes there is a time to make funny jokes but you dont have to make them every 5 seconds

To Daka
Your problem does not exactly harm the community that much but it brings much depression to some members when I say this as nicely as I can venting your anger out on all of us because your xfire isnt working will make other things your pointing your attitude at them. I ask only in the future if your about to get angry please do not vent your anger out and show it all over the server just politely leave.

Know I will not tolerate what happened on the server again. If this is to ever happen again I have nothing more to say consider this RP community dead because Im gone if thats the case. We are to never speak of this again and that is why im locking this topic if I hear anyone come to me and pm me on xfire or anywere else about this I will block you or delete you as a friend on Xfire.

P.S. This goes to all members that if you were on the server and if you tolerate behaviour like you saw today I will not Tolerate it I from know have a 0 tolerance

- Firewolf

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