Hello Forum... I want to play a game...

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Hello Forum... I want to play a game... Empty Hello Forum... I want to play a game...

Post  JigsawIsDaka on Sat Oct 01, 2011 7:39 am

Hello guys, you may know me as Daka but i'm now also Jigsaw. I hope to get along with you all but I have one condition...

I want to play a game.

"Hello __________, I want to play a game... For trying to play a God in this substantial game of life and death I grant you the gift of freedom or slow death. Your currently in a warehouse, strapped to a chair, there's a glass full of acitone mixed with water, 20 metres above is a rope holding a small block of Rubidium ready to drop in, the key to your freedom is in this glass of acitone and water. This floor you are sitting on in your chair has been soaked over with water and tiny shards of crystals, if you fail to get the key in 5 minutes then the room will lock down, the place filling with water and the Rubidium will drop triggering a chain reaction..."

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